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welcome to weddings

This guide is provided as a way to introduce you to wedding photography but more specifically my approach to weddings

The idea is to answer a few things you may be wondering and perhaps a few things you hadn't considered.

All with the aim helping you to become a little more informed so you can find out what really works for you

The guide is in no particular order but we are going to start with something that I think is crucial

Always ask to see some full galleries from real weddings

Would it shock you to learn that thousands of UK wedding photographers are using images from fake/staged weddings to advertise their services to you??

Yeah pretty crappy isn’t it. Here’s how it works… Hire two models for the day and dress them up in wedding clothes. Then take lots of pics to create a wedding portfolio.

REAL weddings are tough to photograph. Incredibly fun and rewarding but VERY tough to capture. Genuine experience counts for everything when choosing who to trust with capturing your wedding day.

Every image you see of mine is a genuine moment from a real wedding