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Samlesbury Hall Wedding Photography
Timeless, Authentic & Fun Weddings

Team Edwards Photography

I create photographs and films that capture the fun, romance and craziness of your wedding and I LOVE it.

Dodford manor Wedding Photography


The little bits of info that get you clued up and ready to move your plans forwards.

The Approach

My approach to wedding photography is simple. It’s all about you guys enjoying your day and having as much fun as possible. That is central to everything.

So focus your attention on creating an awesome day for your family and friends and create the space for those magical moments to unfold. Your photographs should be a refection of the day rather than dictating how it flows.

90% of the coverage is geared to capture those authentic moments as they happen. Then it’s just a case of sprinkling in a few extras here and there to make sure we cover everything. Family line up pics etc.

From my perspective it’s all about keeping things light and fun to keep you in the moment and out of your heads. For me, the perfect wedding photograph is a moment that happened rather than a moment that was arranged.

Sound like your kind of thing?

The Process

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01. Let’s Chat

It all starts with a Zoom call. Getting a feel for wedding suppliers face to face is a great thing to do. We chat about your plans and I walk you through a typical wedding day from the photo perspective.

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02. Secure Your Date

To secure your date it all happens via a nifty online booking platform. It’s a £200 deposit to lock in the date with the remaining balance payable 1 month before the wedding. Credit/Debit card payments are accepted.

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03. WhatsApp

Our WhatsApp chat allows us to stay connected. As you can tell I love a voice note so dont be shy. I’m as excited as you guys about the wedding so keep me up to date with plans.

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04. In Between

If you need any help or advice with anything wedding related just reach out. Ive been a part of the wedding world for over 12 years and I’m happy to be your go to person if you need a second opinion etc.

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05. Questionnaire

There’s an initial basic questionnaire to fill in at the time of booking. Then two months before your wedding date we go over the plans in detail. This is when you fill in a more in depth questionnaire for me.

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06. Wedding Day

The day is finally here and it’s time for you to enjoy every moment. I’ll be there to capture your day and guide you when needed.

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07. Sneak Peak

I know that you’ll be excited to see some photographs. So a few days after your wedding I’ll send you a little preview gallery from the day. (20-30 pics)

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08. Gallery Ready

You’ve got mail!! Your full gallery will be ready for you 4-8 weeks after the wedding date.

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09. Album Design

There’s a store linked to your online gallery where you can purchase high end albums and prints. It’s super user friendly and the quality is amazing. You also have the option to download and create prints yourselves. It’s completely up to you.

Cuckney House Wedding Photography


Second Photographer

Extra Hours


Priority Editing

Second Photographer

I typically photograph weddings solo and this is more than adequate for most weddings. But if you do feel that a second photographer would be beneficial for your day, it can be arranged.

Second photographers typically cost between £500-£1000 depending on experience.

Extra Hours

The wedding packages I offer are based on the amount of time I'm with you on the day. It's all pretty flexible though so if you need to add an extra hour here or there it's no problem at all.

Don't worry if timings slip a little on the day too. That's just the reality of weddings and quite common. It's all about being there to capture those fantastic moments for you.

Albums & Prints

There's a store linked to your online gallery where you can purchase high end albums and prints. It's super user friendly and the quality is amazing. You also have the option to download and create prints yourselves. It's completely up to you.

Priority Editing

For a little extra you get the special treatment and hop to the top of the editing queue. Everything is completed for you 10 days after the wedding. Strictly subject to availability. First come first served.

Meg & Adam

High Billinghurst Farm

I stumbled across Gary’s profile on Instagram and was utterly impressed by his talent- as a result we chose him for our wedding in February. Not only did we receive hundreds of photos that perfectly encapsulated the day, but he was an absolute pleasure to be around on the day itself. He made sure we were present throughout the whole wedding, and only took us off for what felt like a matter of minutes to capture our couples photos. All of which are beautiful! Thank you for being part of our special day and capturing it perfectly!

Real couples have their say

Kelly & Ross

Villa Eva Ravello

“The photos are absolutely stunning Everything about them is perfect. You managed to capture our day and the love that we share”
“ I am utterly amazed at how perfect all of the photos are. I cannot wait to see the full gallery and to relive the whole day over and over again“

Frequently asked questions

Can we give you a shot list?

It’s all about balance. When you allow the day to play out naturally it creates the space for those once in a lifetime magical moments to happen. Adhering to an exhausting shot list stifles this and the photographs can look inauthentic and staged.

We do however work on a plan together and your likes, wishes and preferences are all taken into consideration and applied to the day. Think of it as more of a shared mood board than a shot list.

Will you visit our venue beforehand?

I may or may not have previously visited your venue. Either way its no issue at all. Lighting conditions and the weather change second by second so it doesn’t make sense to pre plan exactly where photographs will take place.

This is one of the many reasons to hire an experienced professional wedding photographer. It ensures that we capture the best from your day in all scenarios.

Do we need to feed you?

Yes please if you dont mind. I typically eat at the same time as you guys to ensure maximum photo coverage. Food is hugely appreciated and makes life so much easier on a long lively day.

Are you insured?

Absolutely yes. Occasionally your venue will ask to see documentation for this and I’m happy to supply anything you need for them.

Can we meet you before the wedding?

Yes. I recommend an initial Zoom chat to get to know each other. If you proceed with a wedding photo booking we then have another Zoom a month or two before your wedding date to catch up on plans.

What happens if you can't be there on the day?

The priority is your wedding. So in a situation where I was unable to attend, a comparable replacement would be provided to shoot on the day. The images would then be edited and delivered to you by me.
In the very very unlikely event that I couldn’t attend and a replacement couldn’t be found, you would receive a full refund. This situation is almost completely unheard of in the wedding world as we take the necessary precautions to ensure that you have your day captured in the best way possible.

We’re actually all members of secret online Facebook groups to provide emergency cover for each other if the worst happens.

We feel a little self conscious/nervous about being photographed all day?

Most couples feel this way to a degree but for 90% of the day you dont even notice it’s happening.

When it comes to just the two of you it’s all about you guys enjoying some time together and focusing on each other. No awkward posing. Just happy times captured as I guide you through some beautiful locations.

Do you deliver any black & white photographs?

I always deliver some black & white pics and this comes down to artistic choice. If I feel that an image will work well in black & white you receive that pic in both colour and black & white.

What if it rains?

Go with the flow and embrace it. Your day will be just as much fun. Photo wise we still capture gorgeous images. We sometimes just need to be a little more flexible with certain locations to keep everyone comfortable and dry and keep your dress as clean as possible for as long as possible.

Our doggy will be there on the day. Can we include them in the pics?

100% yes. It’s becoming more and more popular for couples to have their dogs around for at least few hours on the day. Doggy pics are certainly included and add an extra touch of fun as everyone makes a fuss of them.